2021 Brag Document

Published Sunday, January 10, 2021

I published my first ever “brag doc” last year (inspired by Julia Evans’ post “Get your work recognized: write a brag document”), and just like Julia promised, it was a super helpful tool when it came time for year-end reviews (and for self-reflection in general).

So here we go again! I’m using Julia’s template agian and will be updating this continuously through the rest of the calendar year.

Goals for this year

  • Lead a feature team
  • Develop a new conference talk (carried over from last year)

Goals for next year

  • Deliver a new conference talk


  • Working on high visibility company-wide iniative to improve core performance metrics

Collaboration & mentorship

  • Volunteered as an Adacats mentor (and mentee! Best of both worlds 🙌)
  • Volunteered on Adacats professional development panel “How to Make the Most Out of Manager 1:1s”

Design & documentation

Company building

  • Served on Adacats leadership team

What you learned

  • Learned how to use performance analysis tools like flamegraph, speedscope
  • Leveled up my DataDog dashboard game

Outside of work

  • Volunteered with Code Nation teaching teaching web development to high school students from underserved communities in NYC for the 2020-21 school year