2020 Brag Document

Published Thursday, September 17, 2020

I’ve been meaning to get around to keeping a “brag doc” ever since I read Julia Evans’ excellent post on the subject, “Get your work recognized: write a brag document”. September is a little late to start one for 2020, but hey, why put it off any longer?

I’m using Julia’s template and will be updating this continuously through the rest of the calendar year.

Goals for this year

  • Earn promotion to senior software engineer (big goal, but worth swinging for!)
  • Develop a new conference talk

Goals for next year

  • Lead a feature
  • Deliver a new conference talk


Collaboration & mentorship

  • Created ama repo as an easily searchable, publicly available alternative to email qs
  • Signed up as an Adacats mentor (also signed up as a mentee! Best of both worlds 🙌)
  • Fine-tuned alerts for services owned by my team to make them less flappy and more meaningful for on-call responders

Design & documentation

  • Added documenation for identifying and fixing orphaned repos

Company building

  • Along with an impressive group of kind + determined friends, helped bring an awesome former co-worker to an awesome team at GitHub
  • Asked a question in company-wide Q&A that got answered by our CEO (baby steps towards being more vocal in my new role)

What you learned

Outside of work